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Goody 2 Shoes

We are Goody 2 Shoes, a group of kids determined to help those in need. We help those in need by simply giving them a pair of shoes and food to eat. We send this all in a joyful little package, Goody 2 Shoes.

We have partnered with the Kiwanis Club of Coronado. They helped us out with our Little Free Pantry project and have been very generous. 

Our story: We started off simply by doing a morning activity. We had to list ways to use old shoes besides throwing them away. We had many ideas, like making mulch or using the shoelaces as belts. But we finally decided to stick with an idea, an idea called Goody 2 Shoes. We got to work on this project the next week.  Some people had their doubts, but it turns out this project was very realistic.

Since we started in December of 2014, we have had a bake sale, sold dress down bands at school and created a CrowdRise website. We have raised over $2,500.00 to buy shoes and food! We have made one delivery to Barrett House of 40 bags of shoes and are currently putting together bags for All Faiths Receiving Home.

We went to Emerson Elementary School and talked to them about our project. They set up a basket to collect shoes for us! We want to go to other schools to tell them about our project, too.

One day in class, with Mrs. Leyendecker's help, we wrote a grant for our after school program. We just got awarded the grant! Now we can buy supplies for our storage room and get buses for field trips like Roadrunner Food Bank, All Faiths, shopping, city hall and Santa Fe. 

We work very hard learning about hunger and poverty in our neighborhood and our state and we are determined to "kick out hunger," one pair at a time.

Contact us at or call (505)268-3833.